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Finding better deals is getting harder! But why?

It appears that over the last few years it’s actually getting harder to hear about the latest promotional offers and deals that get published in the UK. This is something that has surprised most industry leaders and have started to investigate why.

There is a number of theories out there, while some are disagreeing that there isn’t a decline, but many think it’s due to an impending economic downturn which is terrible news for consumers and retailers across the UK.

One theory that is gaining traction is the fact that some retailers are simply not seeing publishing money saving offers as a reliable source of income generation and are trying alternative methods. It’s said that some retailers offering deals believe their products are just at the right price and don’t believe they should be discounted. While we agree this is true in most cases we can’t help think that they aren’t doing other methods to attract paying customers.

There are a few websites looking into this problem and are trying to drive sales to retailers using traditional discounts, sales and promotions to show more value at a lower price. A good example of this in the UK is this popular website called DealsAndSales which promotes better deals from Currys, Argos and Very while showing more than just lower prices. If you want a huge website then there is always HotUKDeals.com and more.

Whatever the reason for the economic slowdown, you must agree that creating offers and promotions to the right people, at the right time, really does increase sales and boosts cash flow.

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